Experience matters in land surveying, and whatever survey you require 4D Surveying knows what to do.  From construction setouts, urban/rural subdivisions and property surveys to the latest 3D scanning, we cover a host of land surveying services including:

Subdivisions, Urban/Rural

A subdivision survey confirms property ownership or redefines boundaries so your development is able to go ahead. We know what’s crucial in subdivision work and tailor high quality survey plans for your projects to ensure less delay in construction.

Unmanned Aerial Mapping (UAV) – Survey Grade Mapping Drone

We are qualified & experienced surveyors who are CASA certified, utilising the state of the art Sensefly eBee RTK – survey grade UAV.

Aerial photography/Survey and Mapping, fast turn-around, fully processed, highly detailed aerial photographs and 3D digital elevation models (DEM).

Uses include:

– Stockpile Volume’s

– Earthwork Volume’s

– Contour & Mapping

– Land Development

– GIS Aerial Photography

– Building & Structural Inspections 

3D Scanning

You’ll see the benefits. You’ll see the precision.

Fast, precise and highly cost-effective, your project is scanned with over a million points of reference creating an exact reproduction that architects, engineers and property developers can almost walk around.

3D Scanning brings reality into your plans, taking less time to produce and having ore accuracy (0.05mm to be exact). It reduces your construction and engineering costs remarkably, delivering a plan of the highest detail so any problems or challenges can be dealt with at an earlier stage.

Construction Setouts

For your residential setouts or large housing estate developments, precision is vital. We setout building and boundary control, piling and footings, holding down bolts and columns as well as finished grid on slabs, all using the latest survey technology for total accuracy.

Digital Terrain Modelling

A prerequisite for any land or building proposal locating features and levels on your site that will shape how your development fits with its size and position. Our latest handheld GPS units double the data collection in the field to create a fully contoured spatial survey plan. A plan with no unwanted surprises.

Engineering Setout Works & Monitoring

Engineering setouts for large scale infrastructure like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings and bulk earthworks depend on surveyors who deal with the challenges smoothly and with care. 4D Surveying has worked on many engineering projects and has vast experience in setout and monitoring work, aiding the delivery of your project.

Property Surveys

Property Surveys locate exactly where your home stands, essential information for solicitors, councils and government authorities. If you’re obtaining a mortgage, extending your home or replacing your existing fence, an identification survey is a necessity for any property sale or planned development. Whatever property you have, we work fast, efficiently and precisely so you have the plan you need.

CAD Design and Drafting

We design and drafting our survey plans using AutoCAD software that produces flawless scale drawings of your projects. In mechanical detail, complete service drawings or 3D renderings, you earn the best detail drawings that are a cut above the standard. So your design can transfer into the real world with ease.


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