About us

4D Surveying emerged from two successful surveying firms, Wilden & Williams and R.J. Kell & Co., and Managing Director Peter Williams wanted to maintain the key ingredient that set them apart in the first place. Better service.

He believes that getting repeat business from clients only comes from transparency and trust in their work. And taking that extra care will always bring business back. The formula isn’t difficult, just made from hard work.

Experienced, qualified and resourceful, Peter earned his degree for Applied Science in Surveying through Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and has two Diplomas in both Business and Management. Working as a registered surveyor in the Canberra region for over 25 years, Peter has adapted to many changes throughout the industry which includes embracing the latest survey technology into 4D Surveying’s business practice.

He has also assembled a survey team with the skills and talent which delivers on his mantra of better service.

They have set out major construction projects, commercial and residential properties and government infrastructure, gaining a valuable knowledge of dealing with councils, government authorities and property developers. To deliver the best survey plans through the best service.

Assured, confident and content. That’s what 4D Surveying wants its clients to feel.

Contact 4D Surveying today to work out your survey needs and get the right people involved.


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